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Cyborgs are the Future

March 11, 2007

The technology required to create superhuman cyborgs is no longer the distant dream of sci-fi fanatics. Japan already has a fully operational robot suit. The latest version of the suit is called HAL 5 (HAL stands for “hybrid assistive limb”).


HAL 5 is a 15 kilogram battery powered exoskeleton suit that detects nerve signals and amplifies muscular strength. Anyone who wears the suit could potentially lift 10 times the weight they normally could.

HAL 5 units will be available for purchase starting next year. Production will be limited to only 20 units in 2007 and 400-500 units in 2008. Yoshiyuki Sankai, professor at Tsukuba University and developer of HAL, says “Humans may be able to mutate into supermen in the near future.”

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Trailer Remix Mash-ups

March 9, 2007

Mash-ups are using preexisting video footage to create something new, like remixing music or using photos to make a collage. Mash-ups are totally open ended and can be whatever you want to make out of it. Nonetheless, certain styles of mash-up have developed.

My favorite is the trailer “regenrefication” mash-up, or trailer remix, where footage from and existing movie is taken rearranged and made into a trailer of a completely different genre than the original motion picture.

Here are some of the noteworthy trailer mash-ups I found…

Must Love Jaws

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Brokeback to the Future

The Ring: Recut

The Fast and the Curious

West Side Story: Redux

Mount Brokeback


Saw 3: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Mel Gibson’s Signs (of Antisemitism)

…A bunch more trailer remixes can be found at iFilm’s Trailer Remixes .