Boston Panic caused by Mooninites

February 2, 2007


What? The Mooninites, my favorite characters on the TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, caused a riot? Now, I admit that in the show ATHF the Mooninites occasional get into trouble and are up to no good, but causing areas of Boston to be shut down?

As part of a viral marketing stunt, 38 blinking Mooninite signs were placed around the city of Boston. In response panic spread throughout the city, parts of Boston were closed down and bomb squads began searching the city. Next, after discover that the signs were actually ATHF advertisement and not terrorist bombs, the city of Boston demands an apology from Turner Broadcasting Inc., the company that owns Cartoon Network on which ATHF is aired, for what they are calling “a terrorist hoax.”

Can we say overreacting? I mean almost any high school student, college student, or anyone else under 30 should be able to recognize the signs as being the Mooninites, or at least realize that a bunch of cartoon-style blinking lights are some type of advertisement stunt or art statement.

Come on what did the Mooninites ever do to you?


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