Hyper-local Journalism

January 15, 2007

Assignment #5

Citizen Journalism becomes journalism on the hyper-local level, when citizens of a community become their own journalist they write about local matters in that community. I went and searched for 5 solid examples of citizen journalism and found a bunch. Here are just some of the sites I found.

DeepBlog.com: Citizen Journalism – Local News and Information Blogs — this site is a good resource for finding sites in your area. It lists citizen journalism sites and blog by region (Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the US – eastern, western, central) so you can find information that matters to you.

iTalk News — a site where anyone can post news and the news is then read and rated by other users of the website.

OhmyNews — this citizen journalism site is based out of Korea, but also contains a good international section for global news and events.

And since I am a Minnesotan kept an eye out for examples of citizen journalism pertaining to MN.

MNspeak.com — “Twin Cities: all day, all night” Whats going on in Minesota’s Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Northfield.org — Citizen produced community news based out of Northfield, MN. The same small Minnesota town that is home to both Carleton College and St. Olaf College.


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