Cyborgs are the Future

March 11, 2007

The technology required to create superhuman cyborgs is no longer the distant dream of sci-fi fanatics. Japan already has a fully operational robot suit. The latest version of the suit is called HAL 5 (HAL stands for “hybrid assistive limb”).


HAL 5 is a 15 kilogram battery powered exoskeleton suit that detects nerve signals and amplifies muscular strength. Anyone who wears the suit could potentially lift 10 times the weight they normally could.

HAL 5 units will be available for purchase starting next year. Production will be limited to only 20 units in 2007 and 400-500 units in 2008. Yoshiyuki Sankai, professor at Tsukuba University and developer of HAL, says “Humans may be able to mutate into supermen in the near future.”

TechEBlog – Top 5 Future Technologies

Gizmodo –  Japanese Robot Suit

Earthtimes.org – Robot suit to assist Japan’s elderly as early as 2008


Trailer Remix Mash-ups

March 9, 2007

Mash-ups are using preexisting video footage to create something new, like remixing music or using photos to make a collage. Mash-ups are totally open ended and can be whatever you want to make out of it. Nonetheless, certain styles of mash-up have developed.

My favorite is the trailer “regenrefication” mash-up, or trailer remix, where footage from and existing movie is taken rearranged and made into a trailer of a completely different genre than the original motion picture.

Here are some of the noteworthy trailer mash-ups I found…

Must Love Jaws

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Brokeback to the Future

The Ring: Recut

The Fast and the Curious

West Side Story: Redux

Mount Brokeback


Saw 3: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Mel Gibson’s Signs (of Antisemitism)

…A bunch more trailer remixes can be found at iFilm’s Trailer Remixes .


Super Bowl Commercials

February 5, 2007

Once again, another Super Bowl is over and the time has come to recap the game and talk about all the exciting parts. Well…to be honest, I didn’t really pay to much attention to the game. I never really do. this is the one football game I see a year. However, I do enjoy watching Super Bowl commercials. Here are my top 10 favorites from this year (in no particular order)



Taco Bell:

Garmin:   (**My Personal Favorite**)



Bud Light:





Ok, so I posted 11 videos instead of 10 videos. Anyways, you can see the rest of the Super Bowl commercials at YouTube’s SuperVote.


Boston Panic caused by Mooninites

February 2, 2007


What? The Mooninites, my favorite characters on the TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, caused a riot? Now, I admit that in the show ATHF the Mooninites occasional get into trouble and are up to no good, but causing areas of Boston to be shut down?

As part of a viral marketing stunt, 38 blinking Mooninite signs were placed around the city of Boston. In response panic spread throughout the city, parts of Boston were closed down and bomb squads began searching the city. Next, after discover that the signs were actually ATHF advertisement and not terrorist bombs, the city of Boston demands an apology from Turner Broadcasting Inc., the company that owns Cartoon Network on which ATHF is aired, for what they are calling “a terrorist hoax.”

Can we say overreacting? I mean almost any high school student, college student, or anyone else under 30 should be able to recognize the signs as being the Mooninites, or at least realize that a bunch of cartoon-style blinking lights are some type of advertisement stunt or art statement.

Come on what did the Mooninites ever do to you?


Read more:

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Great Wall of China Slideshow

February 1, 2007

Here’s a little slide-show of the Great Wall of China I made with pictures I took over the summer and a demo of Soundslides which is a nice little program for creating slide-shows. This is my first attempt at using it and its only a demo version, but if I got the full version and put a little more time into it, I’m should I could make some pretty sweet little slide-shows.


Northfield — Darfur documentary at NHS

February 1, 2007

I submitted the following article to the Northfield, MN, local citizen journalism website Northfield.org.

Darfur documentary to be shown at High School

The Northfield High School auditorium has been book on February 19th for the showing of a Darfur related documentary. The auditorium has been booked by students at Carleton College in order to promote awareness of the Darfur crisis in Sudan, and give the Northfield community a chance to learn more, ask questions, and donate. There will be a documentary screening, a panel, and a donation table. More information will be available closer to the date. For more information about the genocide in Darfur and what you can do to help now, go to genocideintervention.net.


50 hits

January 30, 2007

When I started this blog earlier this year for a class I never expected anyone outside of the class to see it. I definitely didn’t expect to get 50 hits, especially in less than a month. On January 4 I started GeigerCounter and made my first post and today, January 30, I reached 50 hits. Wow! 50 hits in 26 days… I never saw that coming.